March 2, 2011

Current Obsession: Anne's Oscar '11 Dress Fest

The Oscars '11 Host most definitely was dressed well through out the night. My favorite parts of the oscar this year were legitimately seeing each of Hathaway's new ensembles, and not just the clothes. Dare I ask, how was she able to curl her hair in ten minutes for one scene and straighten it for the next, in the mean while getting a new dress, accessories, and totally different makeup in tow.
My favorite dress of the night. Beautiful color, gorgeous shape, and I loved the texture.

Second favorite, and nearing a tie. This dress was amazing.

Can't stand this selection. Awful dress!

Beautiful, but a bit to gothic.

I was actually quite obsessed with Anne's tux n' heels ensemble, high ponytail getting the look it's fullest potential. Him, though.... funny, but the silky pink gloves were a tad too much.

More of a wedding dress..

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!

A bit too...old lady? Still elegant and beautiful, though.
What did you all think of Anne's ensembles?


  1. I thought all of them were unique and really suited her, and I personally love red on her!
    I am now following, we should follow each other :)

  2. I just loved to see Anne Hathaway in the Oscars. She was so beautiful and I loved all of her dresses! I can't choose the one I loved the most so, I guess I love them all!! hehhe!
    I'm already following you on bloglovin and in google friend connect!