February 11, 2011

Fashion Week: Collection Reviews-- Released Feb 9th '11 Part 1

Here I'm posting reviews on New York Fashion Week! My favorite and least favorite outfit per collection and my general review and favorite pictures. Enjoy, and comment on your opinions!

Gary Graham
This is my favorite outfit in the collection. I love the dress. Not of the wig, though.
This, by far, would be the worst. Ew.
Overall, I can't stand the wigs. It's like they ruin the collection. However, they still have a few good dresses that I like, but definitely not a collection I like. They get creds for creativity, though.

M. Patmos
The coat and skirt and everything really looks so good. Who knew that simple could look elegant and chic?

Same basic principles, except for everything is just wrong here. When you get too simple, it just looks ugly.
Overall, this collection has some pretty cute pieces but aren't anything special.

Organic by John Patrick
There is something about this that I LOVE! The boots? The skirt? The blazer? The shirt? The makeup? Everything!

This outfit is just messed up. Period.
 This collection actually wasn't half bad. I really loved it! I haven't heard of this designer before, but heads up on a designer that might make an impact. Bravo, this was a great collection!

Part 2 Coming Soon.

Do you guys like this? Should I continue the reviews?

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