February 11, 2011

Fashion Week: Collection Reviews-- Released Feb 10th '11 Part 3

Richard Chai Love
Favorite: I really like this jumpsuit. That with the coat, it kinda works.

Least Favorite: Skirt + Loose Pants? No. Just no.
My Review: It's a very 'menswear for ladies' type of collection. It's loose and baggy, and a bit bulky, and I like the looks some of the time but sometimes it goes too over the top.

Steven Alan
Favorite Outfit: This dress is amazing. Simply brilliant! The gloves too, and the rest of the outfit. For sure my favorite!

Most Hated Outfit; Unflattering, I don't like the color, I don't like the shoes, the only thing I like is the model's makeup+beanie combination, but then again it doesn't even go with the outfit.
Overall, I definitely love this collection. It has some really great pieces!

Tim Hamilton
Favorite Outfit: Best of the collection, but I can't say I like it much.

Dislike, 100%.  Ugly and unflattering.
It seemed that Tim Hamilton was trying to make his models look as unattractive as possible in ugly hairstyles, unflattering shapes of clothing and barely a trace of makeup. Maybe that was the theme of this line- Unattractiveness. 

Vena Cava

I think this dress is so gorgeous! The shape is flattering, I like the black sheer material,  and the cut outs are hot! I love it.
Big ugly jacket + Unattractive pants + Clown Shoes = Uhh!

I liked some of the dresses, and some of pieces were kinda not that great. I can definitely say that baggy/menswear pieces are in, though, although...is that a good thing? I disliked the makeup completely, though.


  1. The only one I REALLY like is the third one :S
    Great psot,Nicki! :)

  2. The first one,somehow don't work for me.I don't like jumpsuit.The coat would look cute on something else.Not good outfit.

    2nd one - Ohh,are you sure that's FASHION designer?I don't see Fashion here.The top would definitely look much better with something else.But those skirt-pants.OMG!NO.Just no.The size of skirt is terrible,the pants are not skinny (they have skirt).Omg,what am I talking about!No.NO WAY.You can't wear something like that.We're not 5 anymore!

    Woo.Dark green dress - perfect.Those gloves,reminds me on last collection of DKNY on Stardoll.I adore the skirt,I'd definitely buy it.The gloves,boots..but (there's always "but" if you're asking me) the bag - not very good.Also,I don't like her make-up.Even that's probably mine favorite outfit too.

    You must be kidding me.It doesn't working.Clothes is not good.It's not good.It's terrible.Seriously?This dress?I'm not sure my grandma would ever wear it.And the CAP!!ROFL! Some people maybe call this Fashion,but I don't.

    Tim Hamilton.Good one.Very good,something with pants and top is weird :/ I don't know,but it works!If I would look at this jacket without this outfit,only at jacket - I'm sure I wouldn't like it,but when I'm looking at it now,it's very good.I just love have it pops-up (weird word) the outfit :D The shoes are..to kill for!

    I agree with you,100% Ugly.Even,I see something on her foots.I think they're shoes.I can't see them xD They seems nice.Yet,this outfit is definitely not nice!

    Vena cava.This outfit is interesting.But I don't like it.It's very weird dress,if it's dress.I would rather say those are skirt and top.Or not.Anyway,I don't like it.I love what she's having on her head xD

    The last one,woh."Big ugly jacket + Unattractive pants - Clown shoes = Uhh! Like you took the words out of my mouth!

    OMG! I wrote a lot of things.Lol.Don't be mad,I was just practicing my "outfit's criticism"

  3. Maybe I'm wrong,but I have some feeling my last comment is long?:O