February 11, 2011

Fashion Week: Collection Reviews-- Released Feb 10th '11 Part 4

I absolutely love this. The all-white, the bootie heels, the white harlemish? Maybe I'm not sure tights, the shirt, I really love it all!

Cape? No.
And so I found that I liked a few of these clothes as basics, but when she'd try to do an over-the-top piece it would fail. Mediocre collection, at least there wasn't anything horrible in it.

Wes Gordon
Favorite Outfit: I love the coat. And I love her hair in contrast to the coat, as well. Her face and the outfit just go together, and I love the boots and tights too. Stunning!

Least Favorite: When the tomboy look goes too far...
The collection overall was very elegant, and I liked it quite a lot, despite a few pieces that I totally hated. I loved the menswear feel to some of them. A lot of designers this fall overdid the menswear look to the point that it was clothes for men, but he kept it feminine enough to look good. Very big accomplishment right there. I loved it.

This dress is so sweet! The turtleneck just makes it work even better.

I really don't like those pants, at all.
It was an okayish collection, with some good and bad pieces.