February 11, 2011

Fashion Week: Collection Reviews-- Released Feb 10th '11 Part 2

Lyn Devon

I really love this dress. It's cute, it's casual, and it's perfect for an outing of coffee. Don't you just have that picture in your mind? Only good piece in the entire collection.
I don't get the shapeless bulky sweater. Or the ugly black shoes. Or those weirdly shaped yellow pants. Just, no.
This whole collection, quite frankly, shouldn't have been released. I hate it, my least favorite so far. The one think I liked in it was the dress, shown above.

Nicholas K

How many things are wrong with that skirt? I'd write a list, but my hand would hurt from writing too much.
 Oh boy. Where do I start? None of these pieces are wearable. But in the fashion industry, that's okay, as long as they still look good. And they don't. Didn't like this collection at all. That's two in a row. Let's hope the third one will not disappoint.

Norma Kamali
I like this dress! It's actually pretty cute. But thats about it in this collection.

It would have been decent if not for the flairs. I would have LOVED it if not for the flair. Why did she design it with a flair? AHHHH!
 I was kinda hoping for a good collection, but this one was even worse than the other ones. Actually, scratch that, those are hard to beat, it was as bad as the other ones. It had a few decent pieces, and that's about it. The rest is junk. Thats three. I'm hoping things will brighten up for four?

Rachel Comey
So many things that I love about this outfit!

LRD? All the way. Good with the accessories, too.

Very 'tea time', but I love the colors and design!

This was the ultimate fail. I just don't like this outfit at all.
Overall, not bad! I like a lot of the pieces, and I think it's a decent collection.

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