February 11, 2011

Fashion Week: Collection Reviews-- Released Feb 10th '11 Part 1

BCBG Max Azria
If this is my favorite from the collection and I don't even like this dress, then this line has a problem. Their clothes go for people over the age of 50, but before its the young people that would flock to BCBG stores for the latest cute stuff.

Do I even have to point out whats wrong with this dress?

Christian Siriano

This was my all-time favorite for this collection. This dress is amazing. I can't find a single flaw, it's just perfect perfect perfect!!

I would definitely buy this dress. So cute!
I love the color and the ruffles! The sheer sleeves add to the earthy-elegant combo this dress looks like.
This one was amazing. I personally loved it, especially how you can see the legs through the sheer material, the one sleeve, and the interesting ruffles.

The skirt of the dress can be a carpet. In fact, I have a carpet just like it in my room (except for of a more attractive color, of course). The one mistake he made. I don't know what he was thinking with this one.

Overall, he's one of my favorite dress designers now. For the rest, not so much.


Jenni Kayne 

This is my favorite, for sure. THe dress and came look very rocker, but still have a sophisticated edge in them.

My least favorite, hands down. The hat just looks weird here, her shoes oddly resemble slippers (actually, are they slippers? I'd buy them--I need some new ones, my old slippers got torn up by my dogs), and the shirt and  skirt are nothing special.

Overall, the collection was okay but I didn't like it much.

Luca Luca

This outfit isn't good, but the best of the collection. I also sorta like the shoes.

Ew to the jacket. And orange pants? No. Just no.

Overall, an atrocious collection. At first look, it looked kinda cute, but looking at the pieces up close I didn't really like anything, except for a few of the shoes and the colors in the collection.

What do you guys think of these lines?

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