February 11, 2011

Fashion Week: Collection Reviews-- Released Feb 9th '11 Part 2

Rachel Zoe
These two are my favorite. I think she's great with designing dresses, I would definitely wear these out to a party.
Just not feeling this suit, I guess. 

Overall, I loved this collection! It was amazing, mostly the dresses. I see a lot of potential in her.
St. John
Something about these outfits just screams "elegance"! I love them so much, both of them.
I just hate this outfit. Absolutly. Ew.

Overall, I'm not much of a fan of St. John but this was off the hook! OMG These are just so 'black tie affair' and I can't stop staring at a lot of them!

Z Spoke by Zac Posen
As you saw earlier in my post on Posen's collection, I was in love with this collection. There are no least favorites, but to see my favorites, click here.

What did you guys think of these lines?


  1. Love the pieces from the Rachel Zoe collection!


  2. @Katie
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